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Car Air Conditioning Services in Southampton

With air conditioning a standard feature in most cars now, it’s another important service that we offer at Browdon Motors. It’s not only beneficial on warm days, it also helps to demist your car on cold, frosty mornings. As it’s used regularly, all year round, the air conditioning system will need regular maintenance. We offer a full system cleaning service as well as re-gassing.

Problems With the Air Con System

A bad smell or loss of air power can be the first signs that there is something wrong with the system. Manufacturers recommend having the car air conditioning system checked every 20,000 miles or 2 years to make sure it’s in proper working order.

If you do notice a smell when you use your air conditioning it may require an anti-bacterial clean. At Ace Automotive Southern Ltd we can clean the full system to make sure it’s safe to use and doesn’t leave your car with any bad odours. The bacteria can build up within the system and multiply, which can be bad for your health and lead to further problems within the system. If you think it’s time for a clean, book an appointment with us online and our air conditioning experts will perform a deep cleanse, which is available for all makes and models of vehicle.

Car Air Con Re-gas

Re-gassing your air conditioning system is a simple job that will improve the performance of your system. We’ll get rid of the old gas in the system, give it an antibacterial clean and check for any damage while we do this. Once we’re satisfied there are no repairs required then we’ll re-gas the system and you’ll instantly notice a difference.

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System Repairs

If you do have any damage to your system, such as cracked pipes or a leakage then we can repair or replace the necessary parts. We offer air conditioning services at an affordable price, so there’s no need to avoid having the repairs done. Our team of technicians are fully qualified to offer the full range of air conditioning services.

Quality Workmanship in Southampton

If you have a problem with your car air conditioning system, then you can book an appointment online or over the phone with our friendly and qualified team. We’ll fully inspect the system and let you know what work is required. Our fair priced quotes include all parts and labour, which also come with a guarantee to put your mind at rest. We can do the work while you wait, or we can even collect and return your vehicle if you don’t have time to visit us. We’re proud to have a first-class reputation in Southampton and are always open and honest with our customers. We’ll never do the work without your permission and we’ll always be upfront with the cost and timescale of the job. If you have an air con problem, then why not get in touch with our team and they’ll answer any questions and find out what’s gone wrong.

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